All non-profits are different. So our staff works collaboratively with each new client to select the modules that will help their organization meet its objectives. Then we configure these software building blocks to mirror their organizational practices to maximize the return on investment -- both in terms of dollars and impact on mission.

Members Only CRM

The Community Relationship Manager is the core of every Members Only installation. The CRM tracks, categorizes, and inter-relates all the people and organizations you work with - staff, donors, members, press, customers, supporters. Powerful search tools and administrative utilities that serve to configure the entire system also reside in the CRM module. Product InfoSheet

Members Only AR

The Accounts Receivable Module is the other shared resource that all Members Only modules make use of. Any money invoiced or taken in through the activities you track in Members Only is managed here. The G/L Link function of the AR ties this data into your General Ledger: most popular commercial G/L packages are supported. Product InfoSheet


Members are the most important group of people you work with. The Membership module allows you to track membership join and drop activity, control member benefits, invoice your membership for dues, and maintain your own dues schedules and system of MemberTypes. Product InfoSheet

Meetings and Events

From a two-hours seminar to a four-day multi-session conference with banquet, golf tournment, and awards ceremony, your events are vital tools you use to you serve your constituency, recognize supporters, and raise funds. This modules allows you to control your workflow, track registrants and exhibitors, and manage communications with speakers, session leaders, staff, and facilities. Product InfoSheet.


Tracking your exhibitors is a far more complex tasks than managing general registration - especially for an event for hundreds of exhibitors, each with specific and constantly changing demands for space, equipment, and amenities. Our Expo module was designed for a Members Only user who annually holds one of the countries biggest trade fares. Product InfoSheet.


Combined with the power of the MEMBERS ONLY CRM, the Fundraising module gives you tools for designing your campaign, prospecting and soliciting gifts, recording income, managing pledges, awarding premiums, handling earmarked donations, and reporting on the campaign or any appeal within the campaign. Product InfoSheet

Order Entry/Inventory

The Order Entry/Inventory Modules allows you to manage every aspect of your  sales operation. Most of the goods Members Only users sell are books and other media - but the module allows you control ordering and fulfillment for any type of product, with support for complex discount schemes, special promotions, multiple shipments, backorders, and returns. Product Info Sheet.

Subscription Management

The Subscription Management Module provides full-featured and flexible management of your subscription program. You can track subscriptions to any number of publications, allow a variety of pricing packages, track your liability at any time, and deal quickly with cancellations, claims, and other subscriber requests. The module plugs into order, allowing simple entry of  orders that include both subscriptions and other publications.  Product Info Sheet.


Another plug-in to the Order Entry Module, Members Only Advertising allows you to sell, invoice for, and fulfill advertising either in your periodicals or on your website. Manage an unlimited number of advertisers, agencies, and sales reps. With this module, you can hot-link between related advertisers, agencies and reps; as well as link to the ad copy, pictures, animation and other graphics.  Product Info Sheet.
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