Members Only Clients

MEMBERS ONLY is used by a wide range of nonprofit organizations. We count Trade Associations, Professional Societies, Educational Organizations, Advocacy Groups, Conservation Groups, and Public Policy Thinks Tanks among our users. Below are a few of our projects:


Associations & Societies

Over the years we've worked with a great number of professional and scientific societies, as well as trade associations. These organizations often face real challenges in building a database - each one has highly specialized data tracking requirements, based on the industry or profession it represents. And each has a unique set of programs it provides to meet the needs of its membership. A few examples can provide a real sense of the wide range of these organization's needs. Learn More.

Public Policy Think Tanks

What stands out about these organizations is their emphasis on getting their research out via the media, their own publications, and events such as seminars, roundtables, and conferences. The Council on Foreign Relations is widely regarded as the premier foreign policy institute in the United States. Heads of state, current and former cabinet members, and key players in the business community are found among the Council's membership. Members Only Software has been honored to work with the Council since 1997 to provide applications and database tools for the management of their programs. Learn More.


At a marketing seminar for YMCA professionals that I sat in on, the leader remarked that selling the YMCA to the community is a challenge because everyone has already heard of the Y... but almost everyone has a very incomplete picture of what these remarkable associations do. Well, our picture has been fleshed out considerably over the last ten years, as we have worked with four YMCA's in four different parts of the country to help them manage their extensive activities. Learn More.

Advocacy Groups

These are groups who exist primarily to argue for specific positions in public debate, or to educate their constituency about a particular issue. Here are two examples of our work with organizations in the DC area, one in the criminal justice arena, and the other involved in conservationtion. Learn More.
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