Service and Support

Members Only Software, Inc. is committed to being there for our clients when they have questions, run into problems, find a defect in the software, or require custom enhancements.

"You have SOOO saved my life!"
 Kim Beaulieu, Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute

Service & Support Contract

The Members Only Service and Support contract offers unlimited telephone and Internet support, gives you an extended warranty on the base product, provides for software updates or "service packs" twice a year, and guarantees you two "Directions" meetings each year where we sit down together and take stock of your changing Information System needs.

Team Approach

We work in teams, with each team having a Lead Programmer, a Project Manager, and Staff Programmers. All of our technical staff can answer most questions about your system. But because your project is assigned to one specific team, you are assured that there is always a staff member available who is familiar with your individual installation. You will get to know your team well and be able to work with them personally.

Tracking Each Request

All service and support requests are entered into MARC, our in-house request tracking system (built on MEMBERS ONLY, of course). MARC is our principal project management tool. Our Project Managers route items to the right programmer, and meet with all their teamís programmers daily to review progress.  Your system supervisor can add requests to MARC, check on the status of any request, or attach additional comments using Internet tools built directly into MEMBERS ONLY. 

Install Updates at your own Convenience

We release improvements to your software incrementally as enhancements are readied or defects repaired.  We upload the revised applications to our FTP server for you to download and test when you are ready.  MARC will provide you automatically with notification that a version is ready, and email you a list of the features available for testing.  As you verify each item, you can "marc" it off, so we know you are satisfied.    

Discounted Prepaid Support Plan

We offer a Discounted Prepaid Support Plan for enhancements, sold in blocks of 40 to 100 hours at 10% off of our normal rate. This time may be used for any services available from Members Only Software, Inc. In addition to the cost savings, holders of prepaid support plans are guaranteed to be fit into our schedule ahead of customers without such agreements. We send you a monthly log of prepaid support usage, which itemizes all custom work charged to your account and shows the number of prepaid hours left. There is no time limit to using prepaid support hours.

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