OS/MOsys is SOAP-based webservice software that provides a seamless link between Orchid Content Management and your Members Only applications and database. With OS/MOsys, your public facing website and internal non-profit management systems form a single integrated information network.

OS/MOsys consists of 2 building blocks:

1) our standard WebLink API, which provides an interface to many key functions of the Members Only system,
2)a set of Members Only specific templates for Orchid that utilize these interfaces to bring Members Only functionality into the Orchid Content Management System.

Orchid Integration

Because the OS/MOsys web pages are implemented as Orchid templates, all the OS/MOsys pages are controlled by your site's style sheet and layout preferences. So your data driven pages are completely integrated into the rest of the site and the Orchid navigation structure.

Fully Customizable

Members Only users rely on the fact that that any part of their installation can be customized to reflect the practices they've evolved for serving their community. The OS/MOsys pages can  also be customized, so that each subgroup of your online community -- your members, your staff, or your board -- has the precise set of online capabilities you need to extend to them.

Fully Secure

OS/MOsys allows your data to be hosted anywhere - including on your own servers behind your firewall. The Orchid web servers do not have any access to that data except through the OS/MOsys services - so there is no way for a hacker to perform an unauthorized query or update to your information.
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