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It's becoming ever more essential to provide your larger community with real functionality over the Internet. You'd like members to manage their own accounts,  registrants to sign up for your events, and supporters to donate or buy your publications.  MEMBERS ONLY WebLink provide a secure method to incorporate such capabilities into your website.

What are Web Services?

Web Services are XML-based data handling tools that can be accessed from a website. MEMBERS ONLY WebLink is a Web service based on the widely used SOAP standard that interacts directly with the MEMBERS ONLY database, allowing you a web-based window on your information system.

What about Security?

Weblink does not allow open access to the MEMBERS ONLY database. It is set up to recognize only specific encoded requests to be passed between the webserver and the database server. The database server is behind the firewall and not open to general SQL queries from the outside.

What do the Web Services look like to a user?

Web Services do not have a visual interface: they are information handling tools only, meant to be incorporated into a web page by a developer. This means you have complete freedom to design the appearance of pages that use the MEMBERS ONLY WebLink, and to continue working with your current web desginer if you wish. Or we can work with the designer of your choice or our own to create WebLink-based pages for you.

Can I see some examples?

Many of the actual sites require user logins for access, so we've made a little graphic portfolio of our users sites that employ the Web Services. Web Integration Demo.

What sort of Web Server do I need?
The Members Only Web Services can be used from any Windows or Unix-based web server, and can be scripted in a variety of server-side languages, included php, ruby, vbscript, and jscript.

Why MEMBERS ONLY Web Services?

  • Get real-time interaction with MEMBERS ONLY.
  • Convert casual viewers into buyers instantly.
  • Save staff time by having your members manage their own name and address records.
  • Lower your staff's stress at peak registration times.
  • Allow supporters to make donations with the click of a button.
  • Add a shopping cart to sell subscriptions, publications, and other merchandise directly from MEMBERS ONLY.
  • Avoid the errors that come when you must re-enter data from website activities that do not link directly.
Contact us for further details, but be sure to first check out our Demonstrations.
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