Advocacy and Service

For many people, these are the first groups that come to mind when they think of non-profit organizations: groups devoted to serving a specifc constituency, often by working to change public policy in a specific area.  Such organizations often struggle to minimize their administrative expense: nonetheless, they have complex information needs determined by the issues with which they are involved.

"Members Only reflects a real understanding of how our organization's funding - especially grants with their highly specific requirements - place constraints and demands on our workflow."
Linda Potter, Executive Director, UCP Michigan

United Cerebral Palsy, Michigan
UCP Michigan works in a variety of ways for the productivity, independence, and full citizenship of people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. To this end, UCP provides vocational counseling, helps people understand the benefits available to them, disseminates information and assessment of  assistive technology, and  manages a loan fund to help people acquire assistive technology.
To support these programs, the UCP utilizes the CRM, Meetings and Events Management, Service Tracking, and Fundraising modules of Members Only. With staff located in multiple cities across they state, the rely on being able to operate Members Only across the internet. There data tables are encrypted to assure privacy and can only be read through the Members Only application.

The Arc of Michigan

The Arc of Michigan is a statewide organization of 33 chapters which works with and on behalf of persons with disabilities and their families. From the headquarters in Lansing they support and empower the chapters. The Arc Michigan provides a network of educational committees and facilitates job training programs. The Government Affairs arm of The Arc Michigan coordinates both state and national lobbying regarding legislation to protect and empower people with developmental disabilities. The Arc Michigan pulls together both grassroots efforts and well established resources in an effort to make all news, services and support available to all of Michigan's citizens with developmental disabilities and their families.


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