Associations & Societies

Professional societies and trade associations operating on a national or international scale need a system flexible enough to reflect the specific needs of their membership programs and stable enough to give them the reliability they count on. Organizations of this type often need to track very specific information related to the industry or profession they represent.

 "Nobody understands our association better than Members Only Software!"
        Marci Werlinich,Vice President, Membership & Administration: Outdoor Advertising Association of  America, Inc.

Sigma Xi - The Scientific Research Society

Sigma Xi was founded in 1886 to encourage excellence in scientific research. Membership is by invitation only - a new member must be nominated by a current Society member. The organization has nearly 65,000 members in over 100 countries around the world, and maintains hundreds of chapters in major universities as well as at industrial and government research centers. In addition, the society publishes a monthly journal, American Scientist. The Society is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Sigma Xi uses our CRM, AR, Membership, Fundraising, Meetings, Profesional Resume, Grants Management, and Subscription modules. Virtually every aspect of the association is managed through MEMBERS ONLY. In addition, their IS staff has created their own php-based interactive Member Services website using our webservice modules as the backend to link directly to their MEMBERS ONLY database.

Outdoor Advertising Association of America

The OAAA has been around nearly as long as Sigma Xi. Founded in 1891, the organization is the trade association of the outdoor advertising industry - which includes the owners and operators of billboards, as well as all other types of outdoor advertising, such as bus shelter advertising and banners. The association is known for giving the prestigious OBIE award for excellence in advertising design. The coffeetable book of OBIE-winning ads that sits in our conference room is hard to put down! See the 2005 OBIE winners.

One of our longest-term clients, OAAA has been using our products since the late 1980s. As their Membership Director says, "I wouldn't think of ever replacing MEMBERS ONLY with something else". The association use our CRM, AR, Membership, Order Entry and Inventory, and Meetings modules. Like most trade associations we work with, OAAA makes use of the tree structure of our Organization table. Each organization can be assigned to a parent company, and the entire tree viewed onscreen. This is particularly critical to reflect relationships in industries experiencing consolidation.

OAAA also uses our webservices in conjunction with their website, to allow online browsing of upcoming events, as well as registration. In this meeting information page, all information is being pulled directly from MEMBERS ONLY.

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