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PCI-DSS: What are the requirements? Does our org need to comply? Aren't we too small to worry about it? Doesn't our compliant software app take care of it for us? We're hearing a lot of confusion and anxiety in the non-profit community. So we've put together some answers.

A Quick Intro to PCI. What is PCI and who does it apply to? It's just protecting the personal data your customers and supporters trust you with. This concise introduction will set you on the road to compliance.

PCI Security Standards Resource:
A Prioritized Approach to PCI Compliance.
This document from the council lays out a risk-based pathway for making progress towards compliance.

Easy Steps to PCI Compliance.
Coming to grips with the PCI standard can seem a daunting task. But there are few simple things you need to do today to secure your payment data.

PCI Security Standards Resource:
Navigating PCI DSS:
A detailed description of the 12 requirements.  At 51 pages, it's a bit dry -- but this is by far the best introduction to PCI-DSS you'll find.

The data you never meant to store.
It's not that hard to secure data you plan to store. But a surprising number of  breaches involve data that no one knew was there.

PCI Security Standards Resource:
Data Storage Do's and Don'ts
Many of the questions we field deal with secure storage of account info. Here;s a quick guide.

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