Business Integration

When you purchase MEMBERS ONLY, you are buying not only a package of software products, but also a suite of services designed to adapt the software to your organization's requirements, and to help you develop procedures to use the software in the most beneficial way. These services are the Members Only Business Integration Process.  

"No-one understands our association better than Members Only Software."

Marci Werlenich, Vice President, Membership & Administration:
Outdoor Advertising Assocation of America, Inc.

Business Integration Consultations
Your information system cannot be built in isolation from your organizational development process. So each MEMBERS ONLY installation begins with a series of structured consultations to help us determine how to configure and customize the system to meet your needs. These sessions can be a valuable organizational discovery process whose impact extends beyond the software applications. At the end of the process, we summarize the findings in a Business Integration Plan detailing all decisions made about customizations, user procedures and workflow, data conversion, and deployment. The Business Implementation Plan will be our blueprint for the installation itself.

Configuring MEMBERS ONLY
With the Business Integration Plan in hand, we will work with you to get the system configured the way you need it, setting all the user-configurable options to reflect your organization's objectives, practices and workflow.

Typically, the Business Integration Plan will dictate a certain amount of customization - the addition of new functionality that builds your business rules and organizational procedures right into the software.

Structured Walkthrus
Frequent walkthrus make sure we are on the same page as we get your system ready to install. We can meet in person, or over the web. This iterative approach guarantees that all the configuration and customization work is on target as the conversion date approaches.

Classroom and at-the-wheel training guarantee that all of your staff have the skills to get MEMBERS ONLY up and running quickly. We have a number of innovative training tools, such as special user Clinics, that are sessions designed to answer your users' specific questions. Train the Trainer sessions help you take over your ongoing training needs.

Data Conversion
Of course, you will need to load the data you have stored in your legacy systems into MEMBERS ONLY. We will develop a Data Conversion Plan that identifies which fields in your old applications map into which MEMBERS ONLY data elements, and work with you to verify that the conversion has been successful. Using the MEMBERS ONLY Importer, you may be able to a great deal of the data conversion yourself.

Ongoing Support
The Members Only Support Agreement keeps our staff available for ongoing support, periodic upgrades, and unusually comprehensive software support services.

Staying in touch
Our Service Contract assures you unlimited contact with us. Our semi-annual Directions meetings help our staff stay up-to-date on your changing needs, and keep you informed of new developments at Members Only Software, Inc.

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