Online Event Registration gets a Google FaceLift

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Online Event Registration gets a Google FaceLift(Members Only Software, Inc.)

More pieces of Members Only Software's new browser-based "Cumulus" suite for non-profits are rolling off the assembly line. This month we're proud to announce the availability of our completely updated Online Event Registration Portal. We've re-engineered our entire Event Registration mini-app in Google Web Toolkit, to provide a fast and responsive online registration experience for your users.

[You can find out more about the Google Web Toolkit in this months featured article]

The  EventReg web application allows your members to register for your events, select and pay for sessions and tracks, purchase tickets for guests, claim special rates, indicate dietary preferences and communicate any special accommodations that they require. Since it's completely integrated into Members Only, the site knows immediately if a registrant is a member or not, and to what rates the registrant is entitled.

Here are a few questions we've been asked about EventReg:

Q: How difficult is it to transfer event information to the EventReg site?

A: No transfer is required. All the information is pulled directly from the live Members Only database. All you need to do put an event on the web is check "Show on Web" when you are ready!

Q: So this means no import is needed to get new sign-ups back into Members Only?
A: Correct! When people sign-up on the site, they are added directly into the Members Only database.

Q. Is it possible for a staffer at one of our member organizations to sign up several of her colleagues in one transaction?
A. Yes. In fact, EventReg allows you to offer special rates when multiple employees of the same company sign up at once. Each registrant will receive a confirmation that includes the name of the person who signed them up, so they will not be left wondering how they became registered.

Q.  We tend to build fairly complicated pages for our events, with downloads of conference materials, links to nearby hotels, and photos of prior meetings. Can we do this with EventReg?
A. Of course. Our WYSIWYG html editor will allow you to design the "Event Detail Page" however you see fit.

Q. Can EventReg be skinned to look like our primary website?
A. Of course. Skinning is part of every installation.

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